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To the Southern Ohio Gundog Association;

 Thank You for holding the Kids Hunt and Picnic, the children and youth are the future of the ARHA.

Del Morgan
NKC President


On July 16th 2022, the Southern Ohio Gundog Association held its annual Kids Hunt and Picnic.  This is a free event hosted and sponsored by the club.  This year there were 10 kids that attended and went out into the field with their dogs.  All kids are winners at our event.  I would like to thank the judges, Forrest Kerns Jr. and Forrest Kerns III for assisting the kids in the field and letting them learn and experience field trialing as they are the next generation of Beaglers.

Thanks to our participants whose names are listed below:

James Jordan
Myah Bowen
Maddy Keeton
Ivy Lamb
Paeson McWhorter

Kalijah McWhorter
Colt Brown
McKennly Bryant
Myah Kerns
Kinley Johnson

southern_ohio_youth_hunt_2 southern_ohio_youth_hunt_1
southern_ohio_youth_hunt_6 southern_ohio_youth_hunt_3
southern_ohio_youth_hunt_4 southern_ohio_youth_hunt_5


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