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On May 31st the National Kennel Club discovered that C&H Publishing was no longer in business.  C&H Publishing was the parent company for American Cooner, Full Cry and The Rabbit Hunter Magazine's.  The NKC has used American Cooner & Full Cry for out squirrel & coon hunting advertisements and the Rabbit Hunter was used for all of our ARHA publishing of events.  Over the next few weeks, we will be looking for new ways to go forward with our advertising of upcoming events and publishing needs.

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Certificates that can replace trophies at Club Hunts.  Click for For More information.

The ARHA-NKC is the fastest growing registry and field trial association for rabbit hounds in America.  With 170  Clubs Nationwide, the ARHA-NKC sanctions field trials for Beagles.  All beagles are eligible for registry with the ARHA-NKC. Our field trials are divided into divisions which feature all the different running styles of rabbit hounds.  Fast tracking hounds compete in Little Pack and Big Pack.  Medium speed hounds compete in Progressive Pack, and the tighter line-control hounds compete in Gundog Pack and Gundog Brace.  We also have bench competitions at our hunts which are judged on the hound's conformation to the breed standard.

The NKC/ARHA will not tolerate any form of animal abuse.  If you mistreat your dog , (which includes dog fighting) the National Kennel club will contact the proper authorities and the owner of the dog will be ban for life.

***Effective September 1st 2017 we will only require for 1 owner to sign for a dog to be transferred to a new owner  or register a litter when there are co-owners or multiple owners listed.

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