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How to register your dogs with the NKC/ARHA?
How to register your litter of puppies?
How to transfer a dog into you name?
How to start an ARHA Club?

How to become an ARHA Judge, Master of Hound or Breed Inspector?

How to apply for sanctioned ARHA hunts?
How to send in hunt results to the ARHA office?

How to file a protest or complaint?

How to go into the ARHA Hall of Fame?
How to make a Bench Champion?

How to make a Rabbit or Field Champion?
How to become a State Representative?

All registration forms and applications  are available online at or  Blank forms can also be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.

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If your dog(s) is registered with another registry you may send a copy of the registration certificate and 2 pictures of the dog(s) (front view & side view). If the dog(s) is not registered with another registry you may print out the registration application from our website . Simply click on one of the divisions listed and go to NKC/ARHA forms. You will need the "Application for the Registration of a Pure Bred Dog". Complete the application and have either your vet to sign as the inspector or one of our ARHA Breed Inspectors. You will also need to send 2 pictures of the dog(s) (front & side view).You may also take your dog(s) to an ARHA hunt and have it/them inspected and registered at the hunt.


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First, both parents must be NKC/ARHA registered before the litter can be registered and you must be the owner of the Dam. If you purchased the whole litter you can register it as a whole litter by completing the litter registration form. It is possible to register one or both parents and the litter at the same time. In order to register one or both of the parents the steps above must be completed. No litter may be registered after the litter has reached 1 year of age. After 1 year of age the puppies must be individually registered. If you name ARHA Beagle puppies on the litter form the name CAN NOT be changed. If you want your name or kennel name on the puppies but want to allow the buyer to add to the name, you can add your name or kennel name and leave the rest of the name blank. EXAMPLE: Last Name is Smith. Name the puppies as Smith's #1, Smith's #2, etc. The new owner can then name the puppy Smith's Little Bill, Smith's Jill, etc. Kennel Name is Smith's Wild Beagles. Name the puppies as Smith's Wild #1, Smith's Wild #2, etc. The new owner can then name the puppy as Smith's Wild Hillbilly, Smith's Wild Sally, etc.

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If you purchase a dog from someone and it is already NKC/ARHA registered with a registration certificate all you need to do is complete the back of the certificate with your information and send it in along with the correct fee. If the dog is not NKC/ARHA registered then you need to complete the registration process listed above. If your dog receives any points they will be listed in the previous owner's name until the transfer is completed. This means that the previous owner will receive any credit toward Hall of Fame points for anything this dog accomplishes during the time it was sold and the transfer process. There are late fees associated with the transfer process after 30 days.

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Contact the NKC/ARHA office to see where the closest club is located to you. All new clubs must be at least 25 miles or more apart from existing clubs. You must contact the State Representative for your state to assist with your fun hunts. Two fun hunts must be held with the State Rep attending at least one fun hunt. Your new club must have at least 12 members. Fun hunts do not have to be advertised in the Rabbit Hunter but it is suggested that they be put on the Q&A Board. There are no fees required by the NKC/ARHA for entries at the fun hunt. The fun hunts are an opportunity for the club to raise money for supplies, charter fees and insurance (The National Kennel Club/ARHA does not sell insurance.) The state rep must send a letter to NKC/ARHA office stating that they attended at least one fun hunt and that the club is capable of hosting ARHA hunts with sufficient running grounds and club house. These hunts are used for the training of Judges, Master of Hounds, Breed Inspectors and Club Officers.


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These tests are mailed to club officers only and are not available online. Tests need to be given by the Club President, Secretary, Master of Hounds or by the State Representative. Buddy judging will destroy a club quicker than anything else. Anyone that attends a hunt at your club expects to be treated honestly and fairly. Remember the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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Complete the application to hold ARHA sanctioned hunts and send it to the NKC/ARHA office. If the club requesting the hunt(s) has complied by sending in the charter fee, officers’ list and proof of insurance then the hunt(s) will be approved and listed on the ARHA website and in the Rabbit Hunter magazine. All hunt applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the date of the hunt. When applying for a State or Big 6 Hunt the approval will be granted after a review by the Executive Board and the NKC/ARHA office. All ARHA hunts can be held on any week-end except for the following days: Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or the week-end of the World Hunt or U.S. Championship of the divisions. Hunt cancellations must be done through the NKC/ARHA office only.

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In order to complete the Hunt Result form you will need copies of the entry forms from the hunt. Starting with the open dogs list number 1- 10 in order of placement. List the dog’s complete name, NKC/ARHA number and the owner’s name. Repeat the same procedure for any Champion, Grand Champion or Bench Show entries. Send copies of the entry forms for any dogs that placed in the hunt. Keep a copy of all entry forms at the clubhouse and give one copy to the owner or handler of the dog. The fees are listed on the front cover of the hunt result form. Take the number of dogs in the hunt times the fee for the NKC/ARHA office plus the bench show dogs and that gives you the total for the check to send to the NKC/ARHA. Next, take the number of dogs in the hunt times the fee for the division and that gives you the total you need to send to NKC/ARHA office for the division. All hunt results and fees are sent to each division on a monthly basis.

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In order to file a protest at an ARHA hunt you must complete a protest form and follow the rules for the division you are participating in. The written protest must come to the NKC/ARHA office with the fee of $50.00. The protest is then copied and forwarded along with the fee to the Watchdog Committee of the division. Once the Watchdog Committee reaches a decision the person making the protest is notified along with the person the protest is against. The NKC/ARHA office and the Chairman of the Board are also sent a copy of the decision reached by the Watchdog Committee. A complaint against a breeder or anyone not involved in an NKC/ARHA hunt must be sent in writing stating the complete reason for the complaint with contact names and numbers.

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There are 3 classifications for Hall of Fame inductees in each division. They are as follows: Beagler, Reproducer and Competition. Each individual is responsible for keeping track of their points toward Hall of Fame. The complete list of rules and how the points are calculated are listed in the rules for each division. The rules are available on the ARHA website  or in the printed rules available from the NKC/ARHA office.

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Hounds shall be shown by sex. Points shall be awarded as follows: Best Puppy 20 points, Second Best Puppy 10 points, Best Male 20 points, Second Place Male 10 points, Best Female 20 points, Second Place Female 10 points and Best of Show 20 additional points. Only First Place Hounds shall be considered for Best of Show. A Bench Show Champion hound is a hound that has scored 100 points in ARHA Bench Show competition and has received a minimum of 1 Best of Show Award. No more than 50 points may come from one club. A Grand Bench Show Champion is a hound that has 3 Best of Show wins in Champion Bench Show competition. One of these wins must be a State or Big Four or Big Five Championship. A hound may also become a Grand Bench Show Champion by gaining 5 Best of Show awards with no more than 2 coming from any one club. A hound must, be entered in the hunt to qualify to enter the Bench Show. Exceptions: Puppies Rabbit Champions and Grand Rabbit Champions may be shown on the bench without being entered in the field if no field class is established for them at that hunt. A Handler may not pay fees and scratch the hound in order to compete in the bench. The hound must take part in the field.

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To qualify as a Rabbit Champion a hound must place first in at least 1 licensed hunt and earn a total of 100 points. No more than 50 points may be earned from 1 club. Exception: When a club hosts a State or Big Five Hunt, it becomes a neutral club as far as awarding points are concerned. That is, the points earned toward Rabbit Champion are not charged against the host club. Example: Northwest Beagle Club is hosting the Florida State Hunt and John’s Little Susan scores 30 points, but already has 40 points from the Northwest Beagle Club. John’s Little Susan can use all 70 points she has received because 30 points were from a State Hunt. To qualify as Grand Rabbit Champion a hound must have at least 3 first place wins in a Champion Class in licensed hunts, 1 of which must be a state, or Big Five Hunt, or place first in at least 5 licensed hunts in the Champion Class at 3 or more different clubs. Rabbit Champions and Grand Rabbit Champions cannot compete in the Open Class against non-champion hounds. In order to be awarded points toward Rabbit Champion a hound must compete in licensed hunts where there are at least 10 hounds entered. Rabbit Champions shall be allowed to compete in all licensed hunts where 3 or more Rabbit Champions are entered and present at the hunt. Otherwise, the Rabbit Champion Class cannot be run. Grand Rabbit Champions may be allowed to hunt in all licensed hunts where 3 or more Grand Rabbit Champions are entered and present at the hunt. Otherwise, the Grand Rabbit Champion Class cannot be run. It is the responsibility of each competitor to keep up with the points on every hound that he/she enters in a licensed hunt, and when a hound has acquired the necessary points to advance to the next class.

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If you are interested in becoming a State Representative for the NKC/ARHA you can contact the NKC/ARHA office, the Chairman of the Board for the division you participate in, a member of the Executive Board for the division or an existing State Rep in your state. In order to become a State Representative the Chairman of the Board and the owner of the NKC/ARHA must agree upon the person presented. Some of the duties of the State Reps are listed as: Meets with the people interested in starting a club and answers questions about the ARHA with the person(s) who is organizing the club. Attends at least 1 of the club’s fun hunts and observes their operations of this hunt and assists them with the hunt. Writes a report to the ARHA President recommending them for a charter and continues to be supportive of the new club as an advisor. Attends the State Hunt and as many different clubs hunts as possible in their state and informs the NKC/ARHA home office of any problems concerning clubs, judges, Master of Hounds, etc. They should also help clubs acquire judges and make sure they are knowledgeable of the hounds. They should also know the rules for their division, be able to answer any questions regarding the completion of any paperwork and be able to give judges’ and Master of Hounds tests to any new applicants.


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