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Past Little Pack Runoff Winners


 Champion Class

 Grand Champion Class


 Logan Elm Bailey
Jim McGuire

Strunk’s Autumn
Deep South Kennels

 Staten’s the Jokes on You
Michael Staten


Fox Creek’s Jackie
Mike Conti

Jew Knee & Dreams Dusty
Joey Murphy

 Staten’s She Aint Whistling Dixie
ABC Kennel


 Fox Creek’s Jackie
Mike Conti

 Tudor’s Ruby
Coalfield Kennels

 Rice’s Hard Earned Cash
Jeremy & Amy Rice


 Cinnamon Run Janis Choplin
Jim Umbarger & Michael Crabtree 

 TX’s Little LuLu
Team Xtreme Kennels

 Fulks’ KY Sierra Blue
Frank Fulks


Blank’s Bolt Action
Curtis Blank 

Big Meadows Shine
Big Meadows Kennel

Whispering Hill’s Max
Smoke Bone Kennel

2020 Grubb's Farm Blue Susie
Joshua Grubb & Dan Thompson
Coalfield's Black Molly
Coalfield Kennels
Coalfield's Clarence Carter
Coalfield Kennels
2021 DeLong's Sport
Teddy Delong
Big Meadows Country Lane Blackie
Country Lane Kennel
Pennington's Hand Full of Donkey
Mary Pennington
2022 Geneva Marsh Medicine Man Doc
Geneva Marsh Kennel
Geneva Marsh Texas Red
Geneva Marsh Kennel
Meatdog's Great Wall Trump
Jarrell's Greatwall Kennel
2023 Geneva Marsh Hawk
Geneva Marsh Kennels
Late Round Bound Pretty Boy
Late Round Bound Kennel
Douglas Valley Nature Boy
Rob Sprowls & Roger Hanning


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