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ARHA Past Little Pack World Hunt Winners
  Open Class Champion Class Grand Champion Class
1987 Rusty
James K Dolly
1988 Haw Creek J.R.    
1989 Ginger
Dennis Simmons
Hawcreek JR
Gary Spann
1990 Crain's HH Dusty
Merle Crain
Wait's Ky Cecil
Wayne Waits
Profitt's Bobbie Sue
Marshall Profitt
1991 Bredemire's Seka
John McKnight
Tony's Beach Grove Jake
Tony & Judy Ashbaugh
Cher-lin Rebel Yell
George Blaine
1992 Diamond Sadie's Ringo
Mr & Mrs. Bill Myers
Shannon Way
Wait's Ky Mtn Cecil
Mark Stump
1993 Smith's Bell Cricket
Tilford Adams
Wait's Ky Sally
Wayne Waits
Bruner's Lucky
Earl Bruner
1994 Tiger's Deuce
James Painter
Robert's Little Sugar
Donnie Roberts
James Ranch Kennel
1995 Swartz's Little Time
Mark Swartz
Spicer's Blue Back
Scott & Bert Spicer
Bruner's Lucky
Earl Bruner
1996 Gray Valley Snapper
Lloyd Gray
Hall's Hot Track Jack
David Coleman
Larsen's Native Girl
Steve Van Tuinen
1997 Red Hill's Dee Dee
Red Hill Kennel
M&M Nellie Blue
Richard Kolley
McCleese's Duck
Rick Howard
1998 Pritchard Road Willie
James Painter
Gray Valley Wendy
Tony & Sue Upton
JRH's Possum
Johnny Miller
1999 LFJ Red Rider
LFJ Kennel
Weedeater Rudy's Licker
Mark Stump
Stump's KY Mtn Snapper
David Schlaug
2000 Bruner's Nip
James Ranch Kennel
Smith's Weedeater Tramp
Farrell Smith
Waylon's Bomb
A&W Beagles
2001 Green River Bonnie
David Reynolds
Raccoon Creek Rusty
David Wallace
Denny's Blue 2
Joe & Carroll Walker
2002 Suber's Sugar Creek Joy 2
Ronnie & Rosemary Phelps
Well's Big Boomer
Sam Wells & Mark Swartz
JF Boadie
James MCGuire
2003 Gray Valley Talkabout Jasper
Lloyd Gray
Cara's Blue Bell
James McGuire
R&J Rambo
Roger Martin
2004 Sangamo Rick Rack
Strike Jump Kennel
Morning Echo's Scooter
Kevin Monroe
Logan Elm Blue Rocky
James McGuire
2005 Brushline Dozer
Kevin Monroe & Tom Floyd
Peters' All Patch Dixie
Carrol Peters
Rocky Hill's Bens BJ
Licking River Kennel
2006 Scrogham Ky Reggie
Kevin Monroe
Logan Elm Willie
James McGuire
Rocky Ridge Lily
Bill Gildersleeve
2007 Windy Ridge Nick's Missie
Mark Brown
Abshire's Levee Rd Lew Knee
Jimmie Abshire
Rocky Hill's Droopy Ears
Josh Fields, John & Dylan Good
2008 Sparks' Oak Ridge Bad News
Craig Tull
Bruner's Amanda
Earl Bruner
Sangamon Ridge Haley
Sangamon Ridge Kennel
2009 Swickert Hill's Cookie
Kevin Monroe & Tom Floyd
Bruner's Amanda
Earl Bruner
Cinnamon Run Honey
Michael Crabtree
2010 Swickert Hill's Cookie
Kevin Monroe & Tom Floyd
Logan Elm Gypsey
Jim McGuire
Fox Creek's Peppermint Paty
Frank Miller
2011 Lance's Only Tenn White Out
Dallas Russell
Satterley's Switch A Gear
WFO Kennel
JB's Super Sport Sassy
Jerry Broadhead
2012 Tudor's Ruby
Lawrence Tudor
Allen's Wesley Wins
Allen's Seasonal Kennel
Tygart Valleys Zag Zoom
Art Metts & Jennifer Sroka
2013 Big Meadows Black Eagle
Dennis & David Kennedy
Ronnie's Bad Boy Rondo
Jared McAllister
Country Lane Black Rocket
Mike Conti
2014 Logan Elm Bailey
Jim McGuire
Big Meadows Black Eagle
Dennis & David Kennedy
Fox Creek's Lets Go Jake
Terry Alley
2015 Coalfield's Dixie
Coalfield Kennels
Hammer Down Cat Country Cricket
Hammer Down Beagles
Twin Pine's Blue Angel
Twin Pines (TP) Beagles
2016 Pennington's Hard Checkin Cindy
Mary & Josh Pennington
Lazy M Blue
Rick & Bryan Mills
Rice's Hard Earned Cash
Amy & Jeremy Rice
2017 Grubb's Farm Hanks Lil Charlie
Joshua Grubb
What's Up Doctor Levi
Darrell Perry
Logan Elm Black Butcher
Jamey Damron, Kelsey Damron & Roger Hanning
2018 P A Rocky Ridge Tick
Bill Gildersleeve
Big Meadows Birdie
Country Lane Kennels
Big Meadows Ginger
Big Meadows Kennel
2019 Grubb's Farm Blue Suzie
Joshua Grubb
PA Rocky Ridge Tick
Bill Gildersleeve
Stanten's MoMo Aint No Joke
Coalfield Kennels
2020 No World Hunt held due to covid    
2021 Clippy's Down N Dirty Girl
Josh Clipner
Big Meadows Country Lane Blackie
Country Lane Kennels
Coalfield's Clarence Carter
Coalfield Kennels
2022 TX's Light Em up Lizz
Team Xtreme Kennel
Cornett's King Of The Hill
Richard Corentt
Porter's Piney Mtn Sadie
Tater's Kennels
2023 Geneva Marsh Dodd
Geneva Marsh Kennel
Thicket Witch Dolly
Buckeye Kennels
Black Butch
Roger Hanning & Smokey Hollow Kennels
2024 Kerns' Ramblin Ram
Forrest Kerns
Douglas Valley Whats Up
Chad Douglas
East Twin Pretty Ricky
Roger Hanning & Smokey Hollow Kennels


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