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Progressive Pack Past Hound of the Year Run Off Winners
  Open Class Champion Class Grand Champion Class
1998 Haw Creek Blue Bonnie
Dan Brinskey
Brinskey's Run-Em-Over Tank
Dan Brins
Honey Springs Radar
George Blaine
1999 No Runoffs were held this year
2000 Sudduth's Mississippi Hammer
Terry Sudduth
Bill's Lean Modean
George Rosser
Gunsmoke Lizard Creek Tadpole
Jim Bryam
2001 Gingerich's  Trimmer
Jackie Hawkins
Joey Robinson
Sudduth's Mississippi Hammer
Terry Sudduth
Bailey's Apache Milly
Jackie Sims
2002 Hood's Little Angel
Michael Bartee
Powell's Turbo Dream Boad
Matt Glomski
Little Red Nubbin
Clarence Green
2003 CC Hard Track Sassafrass
CC Hard Track Kennels
Spring Hill Buck II
Richard & Brett Noah
Shiloh's Sir WInston
Casey Christian
2004 Possum Hollers Black Scott
Anthony & James Key
Mississippi Hunter
Terry Sudduth
Gunsmoke Mississippi Bell
Jonathan & Adam Hayes
2005 CC Hard Track Josh Wong
CC Hard Track Kennels
Powers' Farms Speck
William Powers
Dancing Rabbits Tuff
Daniel King
2006 Speakman Daisy Mae
Mad Dog Kennel
Ballardsville's Miss Susie
Daniel King
Dancing Rabbits Tuff
Daniel King
2007 Wilkerson Boy's Daisy Duke
Cedar Trail Kennel
Turkey Ridge Bonnie
Turkey Ridge Kennel
Sparks Oak Ridge Big Wheel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2008 Hometown Grasshopper
Cedar Trail Kennel
Wilerson Boy's Raylean
Cedar Trail Kennel
No Show Jones
Clifton Ballew
2009 Donivan Creek Goldie Locks
W&W Kennel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Bobbie
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
Donivan Creek Wide Open Dixie
Donivan Creek Kennel
2010 Clay Hill's Hanna
Jackie McDonald
Sudduth's Mississippi Homie
Chris Sudduth
Donivan Creek Hummer
Mark Davis
2011 KRM's Hammerin Henry
Rich & Gary King
Sudduth's Mississippi Ike
Chris Sudduth
Turner's Tuffy
Ronald Pettigo
2012 Bailey's Hot Rod
Bobby Dawson
Eagle's Jump Em Up Coco
Earnest Eagle
May's Lady
Harvey Thornton
2013 Thunder Run Bud
Herman Toney
Sparks' Oak Ridge a Train
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
Frazee's Rusty
Double B's Kennel
2014 Dawson's Georgia
Triple D's Kennel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Jack
Spark's Oak Ridge Kennel
Sparks' Oak Ridge a Train
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2015 Triple D's Little Bit
Triple D Kennel
Grice's Creek Rambo
Gene Stinson
KRM's Little Ray
Gary & Richard King
2016 KRM's Big Dumb Hutch
Gary & Richard King
Triple D's Little Bit
Triple D Kennel
Booster Branch Blue Gill
John Oosse
2017 Sudduth's Mississippi Lookout Willie
Terry Sudduth
KRM's Big Dumb Hutch
Gary & Rich King
Triple D's Little BIt
Tony Dawson
2018 Triple D Online Roxy
Kevin Daniels
Sudduth's Mississippi Lookout Willie
Matt & Eli Aubrey
Peach's Bustin Rowdy
Peach Brothers Kennel
2019 Ballardsville's EZ Duz It
Ballardsville Kennel
Triple D Online Roxy
Kevin Daniels
Abernathy's She's Got Moxie
Buckle Brush Kennel
2020 Abernathy's Red
Buckle Brush Kennel
Clay Hill's Little Bob
Ricky Appleton
Ford's Hillbilly Daisy
Paul Ford
2021 Burke's Bad Dog Dude
Derrell Burke
State Line Disco
Stateline Kennel
Gum Creek's Good Luck Charlie
John Slaughter & Eddie Mitchell
2022 Dooly's Drocheat Power House
Toby Dooly
Golden's Southern Bell
Justin Golden
Trent's Amos
Bobby Trent & Isom Clemons


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