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Progressive Pack Past Everett Morgan Classic Winners
  Open Class  Champion Class Grand Champion Class
2003 Legue's Scamper
F.A. Chapman
Gunsmoke Mississippi Bell
Adam & Jonathan Hayes
Gunsmoke Squaley
Jim & Phil Byram
2004 Licksklittit's Double Trouble
Jeremy Stevens
Peaches & Cream
Glenn Vines Jr
Powell's Turbo Dream Boad
Matt Glomski
2005 Pea Ridge Dora The Explorer
Kevin Daniels
Donivan Creek Kingfish
Daniel King
Hood's Mississippi Diamond
Joey Hood
2006 Britney's Spice of Life
Roy Passmore & Brittany Wood
CC Hard Track Josh Wong
CC Hard Track Kennels
Dancing Rabbits Tuff
Daniel King
2007 Spalding's P Cold Train
Thomas Spradling
Rick's Roll On Jessie
Kevin Daniels & William Powers
Cotton Creek Scooby
William Powers
2008 Sassy's Little Susie
Penny Kemper
Hometown Hardtime Bud
Cedar Trail Kennel
Rick's Roll On Jessie
Kevin Daniels & William Powers
2009 Powell's Trailaway Lead
Danny King & Daniel King
Thunder Run J Dell
Matt Glomski
Sparks' Oak Ridge Big Wheel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2010 Triple D's Online Hammer
Ohio Tru Line Kennel
Donivan Creek Queen
Donivan Creek Kennel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Big Wheel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2011 Sudduth's Mississippi HD
Chris Sudduth
B&R's Slick
Daniel & Danny King
Willow Creek Bustin Blue Boy
Shannon Howard
2012 Roaring Holler Hollywood
Bobby Dawson
Sparks' Oak Ridge Train
Sparks' Oak Ridge Train & Trey Powers
Donivan Creek Goldie Locks
W&W Kennel
2013 Sparks' Oak Ridge Mandy
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
Eagle's Jump Em Up Lilly
Earnest Eagle
KRM's Hammerin Henry
Gary & Rich King
2014 Sand Spring's Scarlet
Anthony Fennell
Sudduth's Mississippi HD
Chris Sudduth
Clay Hill's Hanna
Jackie McDonald
2015 Booster Branch Sherriff Lobo
John Oosse
H & H Jumping Jack Flash
H & H Beagles
Coach's Pride Rucus
Joshua Jones
2016 KRM's Big Dumb Hutch
Gary & Richard King
Clay Hill's Jack
Jackie McDonald
Booster Branch Blue Gill
John Oosse
2017 Yette's Thunder
Robert & Kayla Yette
Dawson's Georgia
T-N-T Kennel
Peach's Bustin Fancy
Rodney Peach
2018 Talk That Talk Meat Waygon
Zach Cook
Sudduth's Mississippi Lookout Willie
Matt & Eli Aubrey
Willow Creek Semo
Shannon Howard
2019 Mad K-O's Jammin Joe
Heath Maddox
Trent's Amos
Bobby Trent & Isom Clemons
Cyle's Crusin Pee Wee Crow
Cubkle Brush Kennel
2020 Trent's Annies Got A Gun
Earl Willis & Jessie Stewart
Robert's Black Rooster
Jonathon Roberts & Jay Greenwalt
Cyle's Crusin Pee Wee Crow
Buckle Brush Kennel
2021 Stateline's Penny
Stateline Kennel
Ryan's Little Liquid Fire
Eric Ryan
Ballardsville's Sod Buster
Ballardsville Kennel
2022 Stanley's Ginger
Adam Potter
Rocky Branch's Thelma
Eddie Kerr
Trent's Amos
Bobby Trent & Isom Clemons
2023 Three Rivers Triton
Jeremy Williams
Trent - Clemons Bushhog
Joshua Utterback
Greeny's Dorthy Boy
Jay Greenwalt


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