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Progressive Pack Past US Championship Winners
  Open Class Champion Class Grand Champion Class
1993 Jack's Dixie Snake
J&J Turbine Kennel
1994 Cress Heftie
Frank Hicks
H&D's Run Pepper Run
Douglas Wright
1995 Gay Abbey Road
Bob Kirby
Jack's Red Snake
J&J Turbine Kennel
1996 Daddy Rabbit's Queel
Aubrey Holcombe
Thame's Dixie
Joe Dasher
1997 Brinsky's Run Em Over Tank
Dan Brinksey
Myer's Paint Creek Polly Anna
Daron & Mike Myers
Jack's Red Snake
Jack Davis
1998 Hawcreek Blue Bonnie
Rick Howard
Talk That Talk Lucy
Bobbie Trent
DFJ White Hoss Main Main
Dogwood Kennels
1999 WW Ironman Lucy
Dogwood Kennels
Russell's Kelly
Guy Russell
Brinsky's Run Em Over Tank
Dan Brinsky & Mike Myers
2000 Cream City Point Patti
Ron Ramsey
Taylor's Little Brownie Girl
Matt Taylor
Sand Ridge Rebecca
Legue Kennel
2001 Hood's MississiDiamond
Joey Hood
Dailey's Drifter
Legue Kennel
Cruise's Jim Dandy
Tony Dickerson
2002 Gunsmoke Elly Mae
Jonathan Hayes
Russell's Sears Dani
Russell Kennels
Brinsky's Run Em Over Tank
Dan Brinsky
2003 Davis Bo III
Tommy Wallace
Fuel Up Anna
James McDaniel
Sudduth's Mississippi Hammer
Terry Sudduth
2004 Underwood's Hammering Hank
Howard Underwood
Davis Bo III
Tommy Wallace
Spring Hill Buck II
Richard & Brett Noah
2005 Legue's One Eyed Jack
Matt Duby & Megan White
Mark's LIttle Thicket Rocky
William Sorrow Sr
Davis' Bo III
Jim Byram
2006 Hood's Dolly II
Donnie Turner
Pea Ridge Sir Winston
Kevin Daniels
Mad k O's Maybeleene
Heath Maddox
2007 Donivan Creek Chubby
Donivan Cree Kennels
Shiloh's White Sox
Harvey Thornton
Dancing Rabbits Clyde
Glenn Vines
2008 Turner's Mad Max
Donnie Turner
Montgomery's Lil Anna Bella
Tim Montgomery
Sparks' Oak Ridge Big Wheel
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2009 Lincoln Ridge Ginger
Tyler & Lance McCarthy
Montgomery's Lil Peanut
Greg Gober
Donivan Creek Wide Open Dixie
Donivan Creek Kennel
2010 Sparks' Oak Ridge Lil Samson
Sparks Oak Ridge Kennel
Booster Branch Hula Popper
John Oosse
Rick's Roll On Jessie
William Powers
2011 Triple D's Online Cricket
Mario HIll
Sudduth's Mississippi Ike
Chris Sudduth
Thunder Run J Dell
Matt Glomski
2012 Rick's Roll On Cash
Ricky Hutcheson
P & D's Katrina
William Powers
Hartwick's Flashing Crybaby
Roy Hartwick
2013 B&B's Miss Kitty
Michael Booker
Hendersons' Diger
Jay Henderson
Sparks' Oak Ridge Train
Sparks' Oakridge Kennel
2014 Sparks' Oak Ridge Boss Hogg
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
Thunder Run Bud
Herman Toney
Lincoln Ridge Ginger
Lance & Tyler McCarthy
2015 Turner's Buck
Donnie Turner
Lincoln Ridge Dottie
Lance McCarthy
Sparks' Oak Ridge Train
Sparks' Oak Ridge Kennel
2016 Georgia Red Clay Thriller
Scott King
Willow Creek Bustin Buzz
Shannon Howard
Lincoln Ridge Ginger
Tyler & Lance McCarthy
2017 Wildt's Blacky
David Young
Mo's Briar Creek Little Diamond
Gene Stinson & John Oosse
Lincoln Ridge Dottie
Lance McCarthy
2018 Triple D's Online Roxy
Kevin Daniels
Clemons' Willis' Baby
Bobby Trent
Ballardsville's Cooper Town
Jim Tucker
2019 Burke's Bad Dog Minnie
Derrell Burke
Triple D Online Roxy
Kevin Daniels
Ford's HIllbilly Sawyer
Josh Jones
2020 High Tail Queen B
Matt Trumble
Hackney's Roll On Domo
Josh Hackney
Triple D online Roxy
Kevin Daniels
2021 Kimbrel's Cut To The Quick
Neil Kimbrel, David Buchanan & Chad Cordell
Abernathy's Red
Buckle Brush Kennel
State Line Paco
Eric Ryan
2022 Ko's Tow Mater
Kaleb & Lindsey Osborn
Ballardsville's Insane Jane
Ballardsville Kennel
Fennell's Missie
Anthony Fennell & Keith Fennell


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